Workshop Weekend:

October 18 &19

10-6pm both days

$125 for individuals, $200 for couples


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Every Face Tells A Story 


Learning to be a face reader is an empowering process because, the same skills you use for face reading provide you with increased confidence in many day-to-day activities. Our unique instructional process, develops your intuition in a practical manner and provides you with exercises and techniques so that you can continue to practice what you learn and continue improving.

Face readers are able to process far larger volumes of data then the average person which gives us a big advantage in assessing people and situations. This makes Face readers indispensable for hiring, team management, human resources management and of course, in relationships.


What You Will Learn In 2 Days:


The science of Face Reading

  • Where does face reading come from?
  • What is the modern science behind it?

Perception training

  • What is intuition?
  • Exercises to increase perception

Facial muscles and emotions

  • What are the 16 principle emotions that influence the face?
  • How are emotional expressions generated; emotionally and physically?

Archetypes and key personality attributes

  • The four categories of work and interaction
  • The 31 archetypes of personality

How to read a face

  • The 9 meaningful divisions of the face
  • The information behind each of these 9 divisions

Relationship filtering

  • What are the challenges to seeing clearly?
  • What are the characteristics of long term compatibility?

Introduction to human developmental psychology

  • Dynamic underlying dysfunction
  • What is a script and how is it formed?
  • How are scripts converted into resources?


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Atma Talks About Face reading