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Descriptions of face reading exist in the ancient literature of Greece, China, and India. Today it is emerging as a progressive science for psychological assessment.


Wouldn’t you like to know who you’re looking at?

Now you can – ┬áby becoming a face reader.

Face reading will improve your personal and professional relationships and give you real insight into a person’s character, personality traits, strengths and weaknesses.

Face reading can help you in every aspect of your life. In relationships and love, it can help you to identify your soul mate. In the workplace as an employer, to find the best person for the job and as a parent or child, to understand those family dynamics that frustrate and infuriate us all.

Talk about turning the odds in your favor.

Come learn the ancient science of face reading, develop the tools to discover your soul mate, and meet others on the same journey.


What are the benefits of the Vedic system of Face Reading?

Three components make up the basic process.

First – the attempt to understand who this individual in front of you is. What are they about? How can you as a teacher, leader, or healer best serve them?

Second – the process of learning to read faces has the effect of opening the heart energy. This increases our capacity for practicing compassionate comprehension. The magic of reading faces is that it can generate deep, empathic reasoning, and this makes it possible to contain the person deeply, ie. to contain their whole being in the space of your heart. It is truly an extraordinary thing to learn and teach others this ability to understand someone deeply and completely, free of our usual habit of trying to fit someone into a preconceived box.

Third – the thing that occurs when you learn to face read in this deeply empathic manner is that you become healed yourself. You begin to understand that your experiences are shared, we are all sharing in the frailties and foibles of life with everyone around us. You will feel less alone, and perhaps more importantly, realize that we are all unconsciously affected by our environmental conditions. You will realize that even your parents who may have disappointed you (or worse), and even those who have hurt you, are unwitting casualities of the conditions of their environment.

While this does not mean that we will externally condone dysfunctional behavior, it will make it easier to internally forgive it.



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This post was written by

Atmananda Das – who has written posts on How to Read Faces.
Atma began his apprenticeship as a face reader with Dr. Michael Lincoln, PHD, in 1998. After six years, he was given permission by Dr Lincoln to train others in this ancient Vedic science. Atma's knowledge of the psychological mechanisms that underpin health and well being, his real world insight and creation of cutting edge programs like dialectical thought training, emotional synthesis creation and internal dialogue meditation and his graduate studies in educational psychology and current research as an organizational psychologist, ensure that the face readings you receive are grounded in both scientific deliberation and realized wisdom.

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