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Within the category of Sincerity, there are four archetypes.


They are:  Supporter – Creator – Innocent – Empath.

1. The Supporter

(a.k.a. Resource-provider ): supporters are dedicated to making things happen by arranging or enabling the desired outcomes. Determination is a characteristic emotional trace. Supporters are best in the role of event planner, line producer, secretary of state… (Gorbachev was an example).

2. The Creator

(a.k.a. Generator of new resources, ideas & directions): creators are craftsmen, artisans, inventors, and lovers of new things; anxious to always be creating. They can have roller coaster emotions and even be bi-polar although they favor being manic.

3. The Innocent

( a.k.a. Cosmic child” Impactor & walk-demonstrator): innocents exemplify and speak the truth in a totally uncontaminated manner. They are a study in vulnerability, however, they can unfortunately be chased into a shell by a hostile environment.

4. The Empath

(a.k.a. Resonating tuning fork sensitive” & sharer): empaths are masters of compassionate comprehension. They can feel what others feel. But more than that, they can tune into the universal whole and understand how the parts are meant to fit together.


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