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Within the category of Wisdom, there are eleven archetypes.


 They are:  Sorcerer – Priestess – Wise Old Man – Wise Old Woman – Fool/Clown – Seer – Teacher – Counselor – Haetera – Cosmic Elder – Epicurian. 


1. The Sorceror

(a.k.a. Consciousness transmutor and heart advisor). These are the magicians, and wizards, and alchemists of the world. They start activating change in people just by their presence which will make some people uncomfortable. They also tend to have a distrust of humanity, although in the very mature soul, that can become hope.

2. The Priestess

(a.k.a. Intuitive cosmic connection and loving guide) Unlike the priest, this a more balanced personality with a strong feminine mood; they want to balance the world’s yin and yang, the stand tall holding the torchlight of wisdom.

3. The Wise old man

(a.k.a. over viewing knower): they are abstract and far reaching. This is like head centered wisdom. Tribal elders, spirit specialists.

4. The Wise old woman

(a.k.a. Emotional practical/soul knowing). This is a more personal wisdom and is heart centered. Their faces are meditative and reflective… patient, loving guide.

5. The Fool/Clown

(a.k.a. Hilarious “cosmic anthropologist” & guide): this is a wise person in disguise. Depression, and/or fear gave them a defensive posture of silliness, some are smiling depressives but they are usually quite wise.

6. The Seer

(a.k.a. Cosmic trend-spotter, predictor and wisdom-sharer): they can tap into the akashic record, and give us a sense of the big picture.

7. The Teacher

(a.k.a. Showing us how to live right by their example): teachers can educate and elevate just by the way they are; they’re “being-ness”. There is sometimes a sad wisdom about them.

8. The Counselor

(a.k.a. Cosmic/pragmatic healer/teacher/guide): counselors help show us to the path and perspectives that are best suited for our spiritual position. They are empathic and inherently good listeners.

9. The Haetera

(a.k.a. Astute advisor in the world of affairs & state): haetera are rare but represent the power behind the throne, they are the super astute advisors to the more visible leaders.

10. The Cosmic Elder

(a.k.a. Sacredly centered, wise advisor and guide):  cosmic elders have the ability to raise consciousness in a manner that balances both secular and sacred interests. They are wizened, inspirational, grounded, and capable of true universal love.

11. The Epicurian

(a.k.a. Appreciator and shepherd of God’s Creation): epicurians live in and relish the world of the senses. The immature “soul” (meaning inexperienced in human incarnations) will burn themselves out pursuing their pleasures. The more mature being becomes, a curator for the divine nature of all matter and teaches us this appreciation.


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