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Within the category of Courage, there are eight archetypes.


They are: King/Empress – Priest – Warrior – Trickster – Eros – Justice – Discoverer – Hero/ine.


1. The King/Empress

( a.k.a. Devoted and charismatic ruler/leader): examples of this archetype are Robert Redford,Sean Connery, Cher, Oprah, the captain piccard character, JFK: they inspire confidence and are easily followed.

2. The Priest

(a.k.a. Passionate Inspirational Initiator for the cosmos): this is a male energy role. Priests have a dream and they want us to live up to. They can range from fanatical to wise, depending on soul maturity.

3. The Warrior

Dedicated to getting the job done for the needs of all: they are direct, blunt and here to get the job done. They like rules and order, and are very determined. They make great bureaucrats, officers of the law, soldiers, and politicians.

4. The Trickster

(a.k.a. Disrupter for consciousness): the trickster’s job is to disrupt your (or society’s) paradigm.  They can often appear to be causing trouble or appear as if they are socially inept, but in a mature soul it is a teaching influence.

5. Eros

(a.k.a. Passionately committed love/devotion manifestor): operating out of the second chakra, these are highly charismatic, passionate, engaging, and at their most powerful when the allow themselves to be vulnerable.  Unfortunately, when they age, or realize that they are looking for God in all the wrong places, they can become depressed, paranoid, resentful, and fall into victim/victimizer cycles. If they rise above the material taste and discover a higher taste, they become extraordinary leaders, movers, and shakers.

6. Justice

(a.k.a. Dedicated advocate for the Law of Balance): intensely passionate about how things to should be when it come to balance and fairness. They can be very harsh critics of the system that has come into their cross hairs: think psychoanalyst Alice Miller, or iconoclasts Krishnamurti or Ralph Nader.

7. The Discoverer

(a.k.a. Accessor of new resources, Ideas & directions): the explorer who is always looking for the next new thing; they are pioneers and possibility manifestors.

8. The Hero/ine

(a.k.a. “Grail Quest” challenge-seeker & contributor): these are challenge addicts and they can come in many flavors from sports, to outdoors competitors, to entrepreneurs


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