Atma’s face readings are based upon an empirically derived understanding of what a human is: body, mind, and spirit. The foundation for the face reading is based on the system developed by his teacher and mentor, Dr Michael Lincoln.  Dr Lincoln’s expertise arises from some 30 years as a clinical psychologist, working with professional, full battery, psychological assessments and his resulting clinical treatment supervision – overlapping with 25 years of spiritual preparation.


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5 Ways To Get A Face Reading:


Individual Face Reading - Who are you and How should you be living your life

  • Who are you as a soul, as your “inner child,” and a person?
  • What is your destiny intention in coming here?
  • What is the best engagement of your propensities?
  • How do we overcome the obstacles you are facing?

Couples Face Reading - How can you best serve each other

  • What are the challenges to seeing clearly?
  • What are the characteristics of long term compatibility?
  • What is your purpose for being together

Family Face Readings - Underlying family dynamics

  • How can we improve your family dynamics?
  • What is your past history, both remembered and forgotten?
  • What are the underlying generational dysfunctions affecting your family unit?

Wellness Package - Apply the knowledge

This package offers crucial follow up support to apply and integrate the information uncovered in your face reading. We recommend this package because of the valuable techniques you will learn to balance body, mind and spirit and live a more productive, meaningful, vibrant and serene life.

Change your life package - You can't change overnight, but you can change forever

This 6 month package provides you with a fully supported body, mind, spirit program under the personal guidance of Atma. With this package, lifelong psychological patterns can be dissolved, healthy mental and behavioral habits established and residual trauma healed. With this program, you will be guided to envision a powerful ‘Life mission’ to meaningful direct your creative energy and spiritual talents.



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Individual Face Reading

1 x 90 min reading

  • 1 face reading
  • Audio recording

Couples Face Reading

1 x 90 Min reading

  • 1 face reading for 2
  • Audio recording

Family of 4 Package

Extra members $50 p/p

  • 4 face readings
  • Family dynamics & resolution session

Wellness Package


  • 1 face reading
  • Discovery and goal setting session
  • 1 Body support session (Diet and conditioning)
  • 1 Mind support session – Fear Hunting & Click therapy
  • 1 Spirit support session – Sound therapy and Meditation
  • Follow up and review

Change your life Package

6 month program

  • 1 face reading
  • 1 medical assessment session
  • 5 Body support sessions (5 Phase program)
  • 7 Mind support sessions (Classes, techniques, personal mentoring)
  • 8 spirit support sessions (Classes, techniques, personal mentoring) 
  • 4 follow up sessions (Mentoring and guidance)


What Our Clients Are Saying!

Don’t just take it from us, let our clients do the talking!


<em>ADRIENNE </em>
My face reading was a terrifically liberating and empowering experience. Atma’s ability to see all the forces at play in one’s life through the face is uncanny. It was at once a vindication and release of the past – that all has been as it should be, but also a powerful call to being of my life purpose. An acknowledgement of all the best which I deep down hoped to be true about myself.
Fascinating what there is to see in a face. And how accurate and also insightful. It made perfect sense and gave me remembrance of who I am and also where I can add or open up to new things. I liked it a lot, it was calming and beautiful to hear and something I will listen to again. Something new will show up.
<em>JACKIE C. </em>
I was apprehensive going in, but as soon as Atma started I was fine. It was accurate and I found it all fascinating. Everything I thought I was or believed I was, Atma confirmed. I knew I’d been right to trust my life would all work out. I’d recommend it to anyone – it was fantastic. I loved it!



Frequently Asked Questions.

Have some questions before you buy? Here are some FAQ’s


Yes! – When you fill out your online form, you will be required to submit 2 questions. This allows us to have a context for your face reading.  
No – Face reading does not make predictions. Your face reading will give you insight into your propensities and potential so that you can make more informed decisions about your life direction and how to best engage yourself and shape your future.  


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